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March 19, 2024

For sewer cameras, higher clarity means more detailed objects can be seen during use.   

After an in-depth understanding of customer needs and market direction, we successfully upgraded the 12.8mm camera to 1080P based on 720P.

1080P resolution is a technological breakthrough. This means our customers can use higher-definition cameras in smaller pipes.

This is a historic breakthrough in QYTeco’s product upgrade.

12.8mm camera

12.8mm camera configuration:

12.8mm 1080P Camera

100° Wide  Viewing Angle

Sapphire Lens Cover

Waterproof IP 68

6 High-Lights LED

Stainless Steel Housing

See the differences between old 12.8mm and new 12.8mm

This is a brand-new design for the camera


We can clearly see that there are obvious differences in the appearance of these two cameras.


  1. 1.The new camera's stainless steel shell is thickened and reinforced:

  2. For anti-collision, impact, or extrusion deformation, achieving the effect of being impact-resistant and scratch-resistant in the pipeline.

2. Combine the LED lighting with stainless steel and embed the lighting LED into the stainless steel lamp holder: 

To avoid damage to the LED lighting caused by impact or scratching during use. This ensures the normal use of the LED lighting and extends its service life.

3. The stainless steel lamp head is partially thickened and adopts a smooth arc transition design: 

It is curved and smooth, making it easy to enter the pipe, reducing friction and resistance during use.

4.Camera wide angle upgrade

The wider angle makes the field of view wider.

The 12.8mm camera is very small, just like the rear camera of a mobile phone. While upgrading the resolution to 1080P, we also upgraded the wide angle to 100°. 


You can clearly see the difference in image quality between the two cameras with different resolutions.


Higher resolution will provide better visual aids for inspection and analysis.

Feedback from internal beta customers: (picture)

The 12.8mm camera has been developed and used by internal beta customers for some time. 

QYTeco Team collected the most real data and feedback from customers during their one-year long-term experience and use, and continuously updated and optimized the shortcomings. 

Finally, what is now presented to everyone is the most perfect 12.8mm 1080P camera.

Whether from the perspective of customers or manufacturers, the upgrade of 1080P ultra-high definition image quality is a mutually beneficial result.

QYTeco has long been committed to the research and development and upgrade of 1080P resolution cameras to provide customers with the best experience,

 which is also a reflection of our pursuit of "high definition and high efficiency".

We also know that not all cameras marked with 1080P have 1080P resolution. 

No one’s 1080P was created overnight. 

Because it includes the upgrade of the COM camera, the video input chip,  the video conversion chip, and the degree of adaptation and decoding of the two sensors.

In addition to these influencing factors, there are: too long cables will also cause signal loss during transmission, which will affect clarity.

If the screen quality is very poor and there is not a screen with enough resolution, even 2K video will be 720P on the screen. 

High image quality and camera configuration requirements also reflect the quality of our camera screens.


Since its establishment, QYTeco has been carefully listening to customers' suggestions and needs.

The emergence of 12.8mm 1080P technology is our best answer to our customers. What we sell is not only products but also experience and services.

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