Endoscopes in the field of aviation

December 23, 2023

As an important tool for non-invasive inspection in the industrial field, industrial high-definition endoscopes play an indispensable role in equipment maintenance and internal inspection of objects in all walks of life. 

Industrial endoscopes are generally used in aviation, oil, natural gas, mining and other fields, especially in aircraft engines and turbines, and the use of endoscopes is more common.


The endoscope plays the role of the human eye, replacing the human eye to inspect the narrow and occluded angles and spaces that cannot be directly touched by the human eye without destroying the equipment. 

Generally, the length of professional endoscopes is between 1 meter and 2 meters, and the diameter is generally 6mm or even thinner, and the higher definition image quality and resolution rate can ensure the cleaning 

of the picture, and the more flexible lens steering function can ensure that the lens can check all angles and positions of the equipment.

 Endoscopes camera

The demand for endoscopes in the aerospace field is the most obvious, the cost of the aircraft is expensive, according to the data of previous aircraft accidents, once the plane crashes, 

the passenger plane on the aircraft has almost no chance of survival, so the regular inspection and maintenance of the aircraft is one of the things that the aviation department attaches great importance to.

1.Save time.

Inspecting aircraft engines and turbines requires care, as the slightest carelessness can lead to the potential for a plane crash. 

With the help of the endoscope, after inspecting the outer surface of the aircraft, it is only necessary to insert the endoscope into the turbine and check the display for cracks, loose screws, and misaligned parts. 

What was supposed to be a task that would have taken more time and tools to complete has become easier and simpler with the help of an endoscope.

2.Labor saving.

If there are no professional tools, in order to ensure that the aircraft can meet the flight schedule and ensure that the inspection work is more perfect, 

the administrator will consider arranging more people to check the performance of the aircraft's equipment and parts. 

This may improve the accuracy of the inspection to a certain extent, but it also means that more human resources need to be spent on it, which could have been arranged for other tasks.

3.Boost productivity。

More professional and precise tools can facilitate the completion of work more efficiently. In the case of uncertainty whether the aircraft is faulty, in order to ensure the safety of the aircraft, 

the maintenance personnel will generally choose to disassemble the parts for further confirmation. 

Of course, this process involves discussing with the leader or colleagues to make a decision on whether to disassemble the parts, then removing the screws, splitting the blades, 

checking the details with a magnifying glass and other tools, repeatedly screening, and then installing each part of the removal one by one, while also paying attention to whether a small screw is overlooked. 

This is avoided if an endoscope is used, as the maintenance staff will be able to see the inside of the aircraft's turbines and engines on a high-definition display, 

and make decisions based on this to improve work efficiency and reduce unnecessary work.

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