How to inspect a gun barrel with an endoscope

January 06, 2024

Endoscopes are used in a wide range of applications, including pipes, engines, car repairs, wall inspections, observing flower beds, and inspecting the teeth of large animals.

As the saying goes, if there is demand, there will be a market. There is a type of endoscope specially developed for observing gun barrels.

The gun barrel also requires long-term care and maintenance like any other item. The inside of the gun barrel is difficult to observe. 

To achieve visualization, an endoscope specially designed for observing the gun barrel is necessary. There are grooves inside the barrel. 

For the bullet to be fired with enough force, strong recoil and thrust are required. This also means that the barrel will be worn every time a bullet is fired. 

In addition, as special items, guns can protect personal safety in times of danger, and maintenance is necessary and worthwhile.

There is no doubt that the barrel endoscope needs to be rigid and the inspection tube needs to be thin and long to make it easier to penetrate deep into the barrel.

The focal length of the barrel endoscope needs to be very close because the barrel's diameter is small, and a closer focus will show a clearer pattern.

To determine the exact position inside the barrel, the scope tube will have a scale so you know how many inches the scope goes in.

Turning the camera head is not applicable on the barrel endoscope, because there is no more space inside the barrel to complete this operation. 

In order to observe the situation inside the barrel from multiple angles, the endoscope tube will be designed with two front and side parts. 

A camera enables multi-angle observation without turning. 

A video monitor is essential, as it can present the images captured by the camera in front of us and save them in the form of photos and videos for subsequent analysis.

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