How to correctly choose the industrial endoscope that suits you? I QYTeco

June 24, 2024

The selection of industrial endoscopes is closely related to specific working conditions, implementation goals, and price budget. Moreover, these five factors are in a progressive relationship. 

First, the usage situation must be clarified, and then the industrial endoscopes should be screened based on whether they can achieve the purpose! Since there are many types of industrial endoscopes, there is a lot of room for choice! Understanding the usage conditions is the first step. First, you must clarify what kind of environment it will be used in. For example, how wide is the hole to be inserted? How much space is inside? What's the lighting situation like? 

Only after clarifying many of the above factors can you further choose an industrial endoscope!

1.Camera heads diameter

The heads diameter is an important parameter in the selection of industrial endoscopes. If the lens diameter is too large and cannot be extended in, it will be impossible to see! It is not that the smaller the diameter of the lens, the better. If the diameter of the lens is too small, it will also lead to inconvenient operation and limited observation range!

2. Camera cable length

The length of the cable is also an important factor to consider. If the cable is too short, it will not be able to reach the detection areas, causing missed detection; if the cable is too long, it will be wasteful on the one hand, and the operation will be affected on the other hand.

3. Camera degree

The use of industrial endoscopes is mostly in an irregular space environment, so there are certain requirements for the camera's Angle of view. If the camera has a large wide-angle field of view, it can better find the problem of the pipeline during detection and quickly analyze and solve it. Therefore, a good camera will have a better and larger view.

4. High definition

Resolution is also a key parameter in the selection of industrial endoscopes, but also an important difference in the technical differences of many industrial endoscopes manufacturers! There are three main factors affecting clarity: lens pixels, lighting brightness and image analysis ability, of which lens pixels are the most critical. However, there are also megapixel industrial endoscopes whose images are not as sharp. Why? The brightness of industrial endoscopes may be insufficient, or there may be problems with image analysis. In short, practical use is the most important.

5. Other factors.

The selection of endoscopes is highly professional and generally requires testing. Try to choose professional institutions and experienced companies. QYTeco has been engaged in the industrial endoscope industry for many years and has accumulated rich experience in industrial endoscope services and products. Camera series are very plentiful, and there is a lot of room to choose whether it is the cameras diameter, cable length, cameras definition, etc. Meanwhile the service is highly professional, saving time and money, so that you don't have to worry about running around to choose products.

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