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October 17, 2023

Looking at the push-rod sewer camera on the market, it is generally divided into two parts: the display screen and the coil, and the difference is not big. But their prices range from thousands of dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, so what is the reason for their price difference?

1. Exchange rate differential.


   The economic level of countries in the world is different, resulting in exchange rate differences. 

   The average hourly wage of a worker in a developed country can be more than ten times that of a worker in a developing country. 

   You can rent a water camera in China for less than $50 a day. But my Australian clients say they rent a water pipeline inspection camera for $275 a day. 

    Of course, this also breaks a consumer concept - you get what you pay for. If one day you see a sewer camera at a good price in a store in our country.

This does not mean that the quality is bad, but because of the exchange rate difference, you can buy the same or better quality camera for a better price.

2. Brand premium. 

   Cameras of big brands are generally more expensive than those of smaller brands, which is a brand premium. Large companies have more employees and more advertising, and they need to spend more money on their operations than on their products. 

   However, enterprises need to make profits, so big brands can only pass on the extra costs to the products, and eventually pass on to consumers, so that consumers pay for their costs. But for consumers, what they get is only the product plus the service that is not completely guaranteed. 

   There is no denying that the big brand also has its own advantages, but when the customer uses the price ten times higher than other brands to buy the big brand of sewer camera, the customer to the product quality and service will also be ten times higher?

3. Labor. 

   This reason is determined by market supply and demand. In African countries with sufficient labor force but few jobs, the hourly wage of their workers is not very high, and many capitals will choose to set factories in Asia, central and South Asia and other countries with large labor force, but not very developed countries, the final product is the same, but due to the control of production costs will lead to a much lower price of the final product.

   Of course, there are other factors besides what I have mentioned above, but the most important factor should be the one stated above.


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