Why are sewer cameras with high quality and good price not discovered? | QYTeco

When I talk to a plumber from Africa, I always ask questions about pipeline inspection and dredging out of professionalism. 

I am more curious, although the price and quality of sewer cameras produced by our factory have been very advantageous in the whole industry, 

but for some developing countries still feel very expensive, so these plumbers from African countries, what brand and price do they buy?

I asked him: How did you find the problem of clogging in such a long pipe and solve it?

His answer was: We use timbers.

This answer is both reasonable and unexpected. They didn't have the extra money to buy another professional sewer camera, 

even though it was a very important tool in his job.

There is no shortage of sewer cameras on the market with some high-quality and well-priced brands, but why not be discovered

1.Information gap

Although information is transparent, the transmission and exchange of information is still blocked for various reasons.

Especially in some underdeveloped countries in Africa, perhaps in the information they can access about sewer cameras, only big brand cameras can be seen. 

The important thing is that cameras of big brands are always expensive, so they can't afford them and simply won't consider buying them without buying.

2 . Lack of trust

Choosing to buy products from small brands before you have access to them is a big bet. 

But we need to know: small brands do not mean low quality, and every big brand has grown all the way from small brands.

The quality of a sewer camera is not determined by the size of the brand and the price, but more by the user's experience and feedback, 

so the final voice is in the hands of the customer, and only the good product that the customer thinks is a successful product.

3.Cross-border trade

For some customers who habitually take you to buy items from the local area, the benefit of buying from the local is that 

you can experience the quality of the goods in the most intuitive way and get the goods as quickly as possible. 

However, with the development of network, the benefits of online shopping have gradually been reflected: especially as an end customer, 

you can buy directly from the original factory at the best price, and you can also have the service support of the strongest and largest factory technical team that understands the product.

There are many online shopping platforms, each with its own characteristics. For example, if you want to buy products from China, Alibaba and Made in China are the best


They have been standing in the Internet trading industry for decades and have a good reputation as a seller. 

You can also find out how good your store's products and services are based on what customers who have already purchased your store's reviews.


For example, a plumber from the United States who wants to order a sewer camera in China only needs to pay for the order on Alibaba or the Chinese manufacturing platform, 

wait for the customs officer to notify the payment of the tariff, and receive the camera within 3-5 days after the order.

QYTeco's sewer cameras range in price from a few hundred to more than a thousand US dollars, 

we are a design, development, production in one of the manufacturers, including large trading companies, retailers, self-employed. 

Have purchased our products and customers have made high praise for our products and services, we have agents all over the world, 

if you want to get a high-quality sewer camera at the best price, please contact us.

—— Fanny


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