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October 24, 2023

High-definition industrial pipeline endoscope technology selection refers to the selection of endoscope equipment suitable for industrial 

pipeline inspection to achieve high definition, high precision, high sensitivity, high reliability, and high durability and other needs.

                      (Multi-scenario working diagram)

In modern industrial production, the inspection of pipelines is very important, because the quality problems of pipelines often lead to serious safety accidents, 

and even have a serious impact on production, and endoscopic technology is a very effective technology to diagnose pipeline problems by means of visual inspection of the inside of the pipeline.

When choosing high-definition industrial borescope technology, there are several factors to consider. 

This includes factors such as the size and shape of the tube required for inspection, the purpose and need for inspection, image quality, inspection depth, and environmental conditions.

Below we will specifically discuss the selection of high-definition industrial borescope technology from these aspects.

1.Pipe size and shape.

Pipe size and shape are the priority factors to consider when choosing high-definition industrial borescope technology. 

Different types of endoscopes are suitable for different pipe sizes and shapes. For example, for smaller diameter pipes, 

you can choose a smaller diameter endoscope, for curved pipes, you need a flexible endoscope, for longer pipes, you can use a retractable endoscope, etc.

2. Need and purpose for testing.

When choosing high-definition industrial pipeline endoscopy technology, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of the purpose and 

needs of inspection, and different inspection purposes and needs require different endoscopic equipment. For example, for the detection of cracks, 

defects and other problems of the pipeline endoscope, it is necessary to choose a high-definition endoscope with a higher resolution. 

For the detection of external surface area polymers, pipe corrosion, sediment, etc. inside the pipeline, 

it is necessary to choose an endoscope with certain functions, such as rotatable or cleaning technology.

3. Imaging quality.

Imaging quality is another important selection factor. Higher image quality allows operators to better detect problems inside the pipeline, while also improving the accuracy and speed of inspection. 

For example, choose a camera with a higher pixel count and better contrast effects, as well as cameras with different viewing angles and technologies that enhance contrast. to improve image quality.

4. Depth of detection.

When selecting high-definition industrial borescope technology, the appropriate equipment needs to be selected based on the depth of inspection. 

Different depths of pipes require different equipment. For example, for shallow pipes, traditional rigid endoscopes can be used; for deeper pipes, 

flexible endoscopes with better flexibility are required to better rotate, bend and other operations.

Different industrial sites have different environmental conditions, which also influence the selection of endoscopic business technology. 

For example, some environments may have high temperature, humidity, corrosion and other hazards. 

This requires the choice of endoscopic equipment with high durability and corrosion resistance. 

In addition, if the device needs to be operated in a limited space, the need to choose a small device with flexibility and ease of operation also 

needs to be considered. In summary, when choosing high-definition industrial borescope technology, several factors need to be considered,

such as pipe size and shape, inspection purpose and demand, imaging quality, inspection depth, and environmental conditions. 

Only by considering these factors can we choose a high-definition industrial borescope technology that meets the quality requirements.

5.Brands and merchants

Finally, choose a reliable brand or merchant. Because theoretical knowledge will eventually return to the entity. 

The most well-known and influential brands are the 100-year-old RIDGID and the QYTceo brand. 

The former has a long history and strong strength, the latter focuses on the research and development and design of pipeline detection and inspection products, 

deeply cultivates the industrial pipeline endoscope industry, and pays attention to product details, humanization and user experience.

As a rising star in the industry, QYTeco focuses on improving the experience of customers, 

constantly sums up experience and innovates products from the perspective of practical use, 

strictly controls every link of production and manufacturing, takes user value as the basis, and integrates social responsibility into products and services.

—— QYTeco Team


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