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Industrial endoscope is a kind of non-destructive testing equipment widely used in the field of industrial manufacturing and mechanical maintenance, which extends the visual distance of the human eye, breaks through the blind angle of human eye observation, and can accurately and clearly observe the internal conditions of mechanical equipment or the inner surface of parts, such as wear and tear, surface cracks, burrs and abnormal attachments. Unnecessary equipment, analysis, disassembly and possible damage to parts during the inspection process are avoided. It has the advantages of easy operation, high inspection efficiency, and objective and accurate results. It is a powerful tool for enterprise production process control and quality control.


For example, in aerospace applications, industrial borescopes can be extended into aircraft engines to directly observe the real conditions inside the operation or the internal surface conditions of equipment components. Effectively inspect surface conditions in more hidden or narrow areas without the need to disassemble equipment or components for destructive inspection.

Comparison of the characteristics of three types of industrial endoscopes, there are three commonly used industrial endoscopes: rigid endoscopes, flexible endoscopes, and electronic video endoscopes. The basic configuration includes an endoscope, a light source, and an optical cable, and the basic principle is to use the optical system to image the inspected object and then transmit it through the image transmission system to facilitate direct observation by the human eye or display on the display to obtain the required information.


However, the three have their own characteristics and common occasions. A comparison of its characteristics is shown in the table below.

1. Rigid endoscope has different direction of vision and field of view, can be selected according to the requirements of the work, when the object detection needs different field of view, such as 0 ° 90 ° 120 ° then by replacing the different probes of fixed vision items or lighting rotation prism endoscope, by adjusting the axial rotation of the prism can obtain the ideal angle of view.

2. The flexible endoscope can control the bending guidance of the side head through the guide mechanism to obtain one-way, two-way or even two-way four-way guidance in one plane, so as to combine any observation angle to achieve 360° panoramic observation.

3. The electronic video endoscope is formed on the basis of the development of electronic imaging technology, representing the highest level of industrial endoscope technology, with both rigid and flexible endoscope technical performance, high imaging quality, and the image is displayed on the monitor, reducing the burden on the human eye, which can be observed by multiple people at the same time. Make the inspection effect more objective and accurate.


The advantages of industrial borescopes versus the way people inspect them. Industrial endoscopes offer great advantages.

1. Non-destructive testing. There is no need to disassemble the equipment or destroy the original structure, and the inspection can be carried out directly with the endoscope.

2. Efficient and fast. The endoscope is lightweight, portable, and simple to operate, which can effectively save time and improve detection efficiency for occasions that require rapid detection.

3. Video imaging. The inspection results of the endoscope are intuitively visible, and the videos and pictures can be stored through the memory card, which is convenient for monitoring and controlling the product quality and the safe operation of the equipment.

4. Detection without dead ends. The detection probe of the endoscope can be turned at any angle of 360°, without dead angles, which can effectively eliminate the blind spot of the line of sight. When detecting defects on the inner surface of the cavity of the object, it can be viewed in many directions to avoid missed detection.

5. Not limited by space. The endoscope line can pass through areas that cannot be directly reached by humans or cannot be directly seen by the line of sight, and can observe the inside of objects with high temperature, high pressure, radiation, toxicity, and insufficient light。

——QYTeco Team 

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