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February 29, 2024


In the modern landscape of pipe maintenance, sewer cameras have become an indispensable tool for plumbers and technicians. These sophisticated devices offer a range of features designed to streamline the inspection process and ensure optimal performance.

When a plumber chooses a sewer camera he likes, he must choose a camera that suits his needs. So what aspects do they usually pay attention to?

1. Positioning function

Most of the pipes are buried underground. Although we can see the situation inside the pipes on the monitor, it is equally important to locate the camera head. It can help plumbers pinpoint the location of broken pipes, which can save them a lot of work and time.

2. Image clarity

The situation inside the pipeline is complicated, and the surrounding environment is dim, and even turbid water affects the imaging. This will limit or hinder the plumber's repair and maintenance work on the pipeline. Although all sewer cameras have LEDs in the camera head, the brightest LED lights will not work without high resolution and clear images, even overexposure affects viewing.


3. Cable size and thrust

Theoretically, the thicker the push rod, the greater the push force. In practice, the size of the pipe often limits the choice of camera cables. But if you choose it just because this push rod is thicker and has stronger thrust, when the camera head cannot pass through the bend in the pipe, you will find that the selection of the cable needs to take into account not only the size of the pipe but also the bending of the bend inside, extent and quantity.

4. Larger display screen

Larger display screen provides a larger viewing area, improved image quality, and a more immersive gaming experience, all while remaining compact and space-saving. Just like a mobile phone, a larger screen not only helps plumbers see the details inside the pipes but also reduces visual stress and provides a better visual experience.

Sewer camera technology represents the cornerstone of modern pipeline maintenance, and through continued exploration and discovery, manufacturers can advance sewer camera design and provide plumbers with the tools they need to effectively meet future pipeline challenges. As innovation continues to drive progress in this field, the future holds promise for safer, more efficient, and environmentally sustainable pipeline maintenance practices.

5. A more flexible and compact camera head can enhance mobility in confined spaces.

The application of wireless Bluetooth and WIFI also plays a key role in transmitting data in real-time and simplifying the use and operation of the camera. With the widespread application of more intelligent technologies, it may even be possible to achieve remote operation and work on behalf of humans in dangerous environments. The detection of various pressures, temperatures, gas compositions, and concentrations also allows the sewer camera industry to move in the direction of technological innovation.

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