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    For sewer cameras, higher clarity means that the more detailed objects can be seen during use. 

    After in-depth understanding of the customer's needs, we finally succeeded in upgrading the 12.8mm camera head to 1080P based on 720P.

For comparison, please see the image below and the video.

The difference in image quality between the two camera heads of different resolutions can be clearly seen.

(720P left, 1080P right)

   It's worth emphasizing that the 12.8mm camera head is basic of all our sewer cameras, and it's the smallest in size. 

1080P resolution is a technological breakthrough. This means that we can use a smaller camera head in a thinner pipe, 

and we can also guarantee 1080P Ultra HD picture quality. It is a mutually beneficial outcome, 

both from the customer's point of view and from the manufacturer's point of view.

    On the other hand, for the entire sewer camera industry, the design and production of camera heads no longer pursue larger camera head sizes, 

manufacturers no longer compare the surface complexity of camera heads with each other, 

12.8mm 1080P small size and high-definition technology breakthrough will lead the development trend of sewer cameras in the actual use experience of customers. 

Quietly do research and development, and put the needs and demands of customers in the first place is the foundation of the long-term development of businesses.

   With the continuous update of the clarity of the cameras, many manufacturers have also launched 1080P cameras, 

but our 1080P cameras have been on the market for many years, accumulating a lot of customer feedback and customer experience. 


  We have been developing and upgrading 1080P definition cameras in the long term,and we also     know that not all cameras that indicate 1080P are 1080P clarity. Because it includes the upgrade of   the COM camera, the upgrade of the video input chip, the upgrade of the video conversion chip,   and the adaptation and decoding degree of the twosensors.

   In addition to the influencing factors of these cameras themselves, there are :

 1.  The length of the line (too long cable also leads to the loss of the signal in the transmission

 process without the effect of 1080P)。

 2.  The quality of the screen (if the quality of a screen is very poor, there is no high enough

 display resolution, even if it is a 2K video, it is 720P or even lower performance on the screen. )


   So, it's not anyone's 1080P, but it's overnight. Since QYTeco establishment, QYTeco has been listening to the suggestions and demands of customers,

  and is constantly looking for product pain points in the process of continuous research and development of new products, 

 and actively improving and updating product functions and designs. 

 The advent of 12.8mm 1080P technology is the best answer we give to customers, we sell not only products, but also experience and service.

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